Our service

Document translation and notarization

We are the operator of translation and certification services from Thai to English. And professional English in Thai With more than 10 years of experience in providing such services. Has earned the trust of various customers Whether in the public and private sectors, from small, medium to large.

Contact with the Thai Immigration Office

For convenience and speed in coordination with the Thai Immigration Office We are happy to assist you in the service by being your representative in liaising with the Immigration Office to minimize the impact on convenience. And reduce the time of your contact

Insurance services

Our company has a leading insurance company that covers all aspects of the welfare of your safety. Both in the field of personal insurance Or business insurance

Legal and Litigation Consulting

Various legal consulting services And the law to the general public And business law It also provides consultations on both criminal and civil cases, and on various proceedings.

The business of investing in real estate.

Real estate is one of the most popular Alternative Investments. It can be invested either “direct” is buy a house or condominium and let it rent and “indirect” is through a real estate fund.

Financial organization structure

Corporate Finance Structuring is the financial management of a company or an agency with the management of financing used in business operations such as Equity, Debt, Trade credit. (Supplier’s Credit) use instruments such as convertible bonds, they are semi-equity instruments. Warrant
Is a derivative of equity instruments, etc.