Assistance in dealing with the Thai Immigration Office

Assistance in dealing with the Thai Immigration Office

For convenience and speed in coordination with the Thai Immigration Office We are happy to assist you in the service by being your representative in liaising with the Immigration Office to minimize the impact on convenience. And reduce the time of your contact

Divided into 7 categories as follows

Registration of alien registration

Application for work permit of foreigners All nationalities for the purposes of the legal right to live or occupy under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Get a work permit

Work permit or work permit refers to a foreigner who must travel to work in Thailand. In order to operate a business, business or employee of all occupations, it is necessary to apply for a change in the type of enactment according to the Kingdom of Thailand law on foreigners traveling to work in Thailand. Non-Immigrant Visa “ B ” or Business Visa And when the seal has been completely changed You need to apply for a work permit or work permit, otherwise you will not be able to work in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Retirement visa

Late life visa Or retirement visa For foreigners aged 50 or over and wish to reside in Thailand, you must show financial evidence. Is money deposited in savings account Or a fixed deposit account of not less than 800,000 baht or with a monthly payment of 65,000 baht, with a total income of 12 months of not less than 800,000 baht as evidence for consideration You can submit documents for this end-of-life visa at the police officer. Immigration The period of permission is 1 year. People with a Multiple Non-Immigrant Visa do not have to Re-Entry because when you travel out of the country You will be allowed to enter again for 90 days.

Applying for a business visa

A Business Visa, or Business Visa, is a visa intended for the purpose of conducting business, meetings, or trade-in that country or other activities related to the conduct of business. In some countries, it will be included. Temporary employment Or permanently Generally Business visa for each country Details, objectives, conditions, and documents will vary. It depends on the policies that each government will set.The business visa application Visa applicants should prepare professional evidence. Or their own profession to be ready Together with reference documents Indicating the activities or purposes for which we will operate At the target country, for example, if a business owner Must prepare documents showing that What business do you do? How long have you been in business? Is it stable? 

As well as evidence of taxation And evidence of the purpose of wanting to travel to do anything at the target country Or if they are employed If the company sends to see a conference, seminar or other transaction, it is necessary to attach a letter of recommendation from the company in some countries. Invitation letters from companies or businesses or organizers of that country consist of Certificate from government agency Accommodation Certificate May be necessary For applying for a business visa with these documents Will help confirm to the embassy Of that country that the applicant for a business visa Is appropriate to Travel to the country To do real business activities

Getting a marriage visa

Marriage visas in Thailand have continued to gain popularity for the “1-Year Extension of Stay Based on Marriage”. This type of visa is issued to foreigners married to a Thai national and meets the requirements of a Thai marriage visa. Immigration Bureau And marriage visa holders in Thailand have the right to stay in Thailand for a full year without needing to leave the country where the visa can be changed every year and the contract can be renewed within the country. (Requirements for visa extension still apply) Marriage visa in Thailand

Permit foreigners to stay and work in Thailand properly if they have a work permit and get along with their visa.

Getting a study visa

Foreigners who wish to study in the Kingdom of Thailand Able to apply for a student visa from a language institution recognized by the Ministry of Education. Since most institutions that offer language courses to foreigners will be accepted by the Ministry of Education for their teaching courses If a foreigner wants to learn a language and reside in Thailand at the same time You can contact the language school where they are teaching to apply for a student visa and apply for a student visa at the same time.

Consideration criteria

1. The alien must be visa Non-ED or NON-IMMGRAT – ED stamped already on the passport.

2. Must be certified and requested to stay or study. From that educational institution (the institution will issue documents for students)

Residence reporting every 90 days

An alien who has been granted temporary permission to stay in the Kingdom If staying in the Kingdom for more than 90 days, such alien has a duty to report the residence to the Immigration Office officer every 90 days. This is in accordance with Section 37 (5) of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522
For how to perform

1. The foreigner makes a notification in person or

2. An alien assigns another person to bring a letter to notify, or

3. The alien may have a written notice by registered mail.

5. In case of exceeding the schedule, notify the residence Foreigners who report to themselves Will be carried out comparing a fine of 2,000 baht

6. In the case that an alien leaves the country before the next appointment When traveling back to the kingdom To report to the next residence notification When the 90 days are due from the date of the last visit to the Kingdom