Insurance services

Insurance services

Our company has a leading insurance company that covers all aspects of the welfare of your safety. Both in the field of personal insurance Or business insurance

Divided into 5 categories as follows


Health insurance (Health Insurance) is การประกันภัยat the companyinsuranceagree to compensate the expenses arising fromการmedical treatment for the insured Whether the medical expenses will arise fromTheIllness from disease orTheAccidental injury Under the terms of the health insurance policy

Accident insurance

Accident Insurance is for insurance purposes only. The Company will pay compensation to the Insured only in the event that the Insured suffers physical loss (injury, dismemberment, death) from an accident. If it is caused by an illness, the disease will not be covered.

Car insurance

Car insurance (Motor Insurance) is a type of non-life insurance. Provides protection to the insured in the event of loss or damage arising from the use of a car. Which insurance against damage arising from car use includes damage to the car Car damage has inflicted on the life, body and property of third parties. Including people traveling in that car

Travel insurance

Travel Accident Insurance (TA) is an insurance that provides protection for the insured. If the insured has an accident And as a result of the accident, the injured person must receive medical treatment. Or loss of limbs, hands, feet, and eyesight, or death, However, such accidents must occur within the specified travel period, for example, coverage from January 1, 2016 – January 14, 2017, throughout the period the insured travels to and from. Bangkok – America etc.

The persons who should take out travel accident insurance include individuals and groups of individuals, both Thai and foreigners who live in Thailand. Who wants to travel both domestically and abroad With the purpose of tourism Business contacts, job visits, visiting relatives Short-term education, not more than 6 months, etc.

Fire insurance

Fire insurance It is a type of non-life insurance. It is a property insurance that provides coverage in a “Named Peril” type, that is, to cover loss or damage to the insured property due to Only from the specified dangers

The insured will receive compensation in the event that the insured property has been damaged by fire. And may cover other causes Again as specified in the policy In which those who can purchase a fire insurance policy will be the owner or person with freehold rights of insured property and buildings